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    Suzhou Texun was established in 2013. It is an enterprise for designing, development, manufacturing and distributing. We are specialized for various kinds of oil dampers, Plastic molds, plastic products and Pogo pin connectors and gas spring. Texun has a higher technical management team and can produce high quality products by introducing advanced technology from Germany and with advanced production devices and detection devices. Texun can afford to produce the products with different specifications according to the customers′ requirements.


    Plastic mold & plastic products. Special for product design, mold making, molding to product assembly process, we have a professional and dedicated design management team. Our product is not only has a large domestic sales market, but also exported to Europe and the United States. Products are widely used in vacuum cleaners, power tools, movement and drawer slide and other industrial, such as home appliances, medical, automotive and aviation fields. We have quality system ISO9001. It can achieve our customer’s requirements.


    The gas spring takes high pressure inert gas as motive power and its supporting power is constant during the whole working storke. It has the cushion property and avoiding the impact and the noise when objects are closed. It was widely used in the open and closure of the cars′ engine cover and back doors, luggage cases furniture, cabinets, mechanical medical facilities, fitness and mold equipment. Oil damper was also using for sliding door, drawer slide, medical, automotive etc industrial field.

Company Culture

Customer focus: Take customers as the center, think about what customers think and worry about what customers need, and provide customers with solutions from R & D, production, delivery and other links.

Quality centered: Take quality as the center to ensure that the delivered products meet or even exceed customer requirements. Quality is the life of the enterprise and effectively realize the long-term sustainable operation of the enterprise.
Order centered: Take the order as the center, always take completing the trust and entrustment of users as its own responsibility, coordinate all resources, and practically complete the delivery on time.


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